The Roof Smith

Rejuvenation and Cleaning

Want to Extend Your Roof's Lifetime?

Sometimes a roof can be rejuvenated rather than replaced. Our clear coat will add years of durability and appeal to a roof as it seals shingles from the weather. Protect your investment with our clear-coat roofing technology.

Like all of our other home improvement services, our roof coating installations are guaranteed. Applying our shingle sealant technology will extend the life of your roof 10 to 15 years, guaranteed.

Is Your Roof Covered in Moss and Algae?

We hear the questions all the time: “Will moss eat through my shingles?” The answer is no. Moss will not harm your shingles. However, what moss will do is to provide a welcoming front door to ants and other insects. Ants will work their way through the shingles and make their home in the wood of your roof, causing it to rot. One of the best ways to keep them out? Remove the moss.

Like moss, black algae (usually appearing in dark streaks down the roof) will not harm your roof. However, it does transform your roof into a very unsightly part of your beautiful home. 

We take care of moss and algae by first removing any bulky growth. We then use a soft wash (NOT a pressure wash – that will destroy your roof) to apply a solution that will kill all growth and keep it away for 3-5 years.